Line Art

Processed with Excellence Titan™, Charmant Line Art Eyewear is the ultimate in wearer comfort. Absolutely stunning, Line Art eyeglasses' one of designs are in a division all their own. Superior lightness is enhanced by adaptive nose pads and contoured temple tips making eyewear that is as pleasing to have on as to look at.

100% guaranteed prescription lenses from our on-site lens laboratory can easily be added to your Line Art frames. Be sure to check out our extensive lens menu along with prices here. Remember, at there are no extra charges for drilling and mounting three-piece rimless frames when you purchase frame and lenses from us. Custom shapes matched to your specification are available with any of our three-piece rimless frames.

Don't see the model you're looking for?  Please call 866.665.6393 or send an email to  Models are constantly changing.

Line Art

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