Anti-Reflective Coating

Anti-reflective coating (AR coating) improves both your vision through your lenses and the appearance of your eyeglasses.

Without Anti-Reflective Lenses
With Anti-Reflective Lenses

To improve your vision through the lenses and the appearance of the glasses, an anti-reflective coating is applied.

Today’s anti-reflective (AR) coatings are multi-layered that increases light transmission to 99.5%. Two distinct benefits of AR coating applied to your lenses are cosmetic and visual. Annoying reflections impair contrast and clarity and create spots and ghost images.’s Optical Lab uses a new AR technology by combining a dramatically “Ease of Cleaning” of the super-hydrophobic top-coat, the new formula from Sartis-Loh which includes oleophobic which prevents smudges and an anti-static micro layers that repels dust, dirt, snow, and water.

Eliminate Fatigue Eyes

Each layer is scientifically calculated to block reflected light. The result is that you’ll see a reduction in glare, annoying reflections and halos around lights. This is a great safety benefit when you’re driving at night. Also, eliminates fatigue eyes from computer screen, fluorescent lighting, and as we already mentioned driving at night.

Soften Your Eyes

Anti-reflective coating reduces both internal and external reflections on the lenses themselves, creating a nicer cosmetic appearance. Internal reflections appear as rings that make lenses look thick. External reflections mask your eyes from a clear, complete view when someone is looking at you. So with an anti-reflective coating, eyeglass lenses appear thin or non-existent, and your eyes look more natural.

Cosmetically Pleasing

Anyone on TV or whose photo is taken often benefits tremendously from the coating, but really, all eyeglass wearers would benefit from an anti-reflective coating from a cosmetic point of view. If you have a strong prescription, you can use the AR coating in conjunction with high-index lenses to make your glasses look and feel as thin as possible.


With sunglass lenses, an AR coating is better applied only to the back surface of the lens (the surface nearest the eye). Because sunglass lenses are so dark, the AR coating can wind up looking smeary on the front surface. Coating the back side helps reduce the reflections of light that enter from behind you and bounce off the surface into your eyes. A back-side coated sun lens is much more comfortable than an un-coated sunglass.

Comparable’s high-end AR is called “Simply Superior Anti-Reflective” and it’s comparable to Zeiss’ top product and Crizal’s top product. Our AR formula is a based on Sartis-Loh latest formula which is durable, easy to clean, and repels as much as any AR product on the market. We can add our “Simply Superior Anti-Reflective” coating to any eyeglassessunglassesprescription eyeglasses, or prescription sunglasses

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