Eight to Eighty Eyewear Collection

The ultimate source in high value eyewear, the Eight To Eighty eyeglass brand literally holds hundreds of choices. With selections for men, women and kids in a vast variety of shapes, colors and materials, there's an Eight to Eighty frame for everyone. All at an extremely reasonable price point.

100% guaranteed prescription lenses from our on-site lens laboratory can easily be added to your Eight To Eighty eyewear. Eight to Eighty frames WITH single vision lenses start at $96.00.  WITH progressive lenses as low as $151.00. Be sure to check out all our lens types and  prices here.

Don't see the model you're looking for?  Please call 866.665.6393 or send an email to info@simplyeyeglasses.com  Models are constantly changing.

Eight to Eighty Eyewear Collection

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