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Order Prescription Lenses Only
When you have ordered prescription lenses you will be contacted by a representative to inform you how to ship us your current frames so your order can be processed by us.

Ordering Process:
  1. Click the Start button to the right.
  2. Select a Lens Type.
  3. Select a Lens Material.
  4. Select a Lens Tinting Options.
  5. Select a Anti-Reflective/Glare.
  6. Input your Prescription and Click Continue.
  7. Your order will be added to the shopping cart.
  8. Click Checkout button and input your payment information
  9. We will process your order and email you with shipping instructions. Please DO NOT send us your frame before receiving our email for shipping instructions, this will delay your order.
    Thank you.
Prescription Lenses
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Prescription Lens Prices:
For a complete price list for our prescription lenses please Click Here.
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